Eriq LaSalle’s Laws of Wrath Takes Hold and Doesn’t Let Go

Eriq LasalleWhen James Patterson, the masterful thriller writer, wrote that ?Eriq LaSalle?s Laws of Wrath is all thriller; no filler ? a white-knuckled treat?? the man wasn?t lying.

It?s all of that and more. ?A page turner? may be a clich?d phrase in the world of book reviews, but well, it fits the bill here.?

From the opening sentence, Laws of Wrath grabs you, pulls you in and doesn?t let go until the end. And what a ride! The slow reveals sneak up on you and have you thinking past the ending and on to the next book in the series that you hope LaSalle plans to write.

Phee Freeman and Quincy Cavanaugh are NYPD detectives on one of the biggest cases of their careers. A serial killer with a satanic edge has been leaving dead bodies all over town, but it becomes personal when Phee discovers the identity of the latest victim. Superstars in the police department who are known to stop at nothing to close their cases, ?the partners? have their work cut out for them this time in solving this bizarre mystery.?????

The gritty streets of New York City, from Chinatown to Harlem, provide the perfect backdrop to this fast-paced tale that introduces unforgettable, complex characters from mob bosses to patriarchs to transvestites and even an assassin named, ?The African? who are rooted in family loyalty, loyalty to their causes and outright ruthlessness.?

A graduate of NYU?s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, actor-turned-brilliant-suspense-author LaSalle brings intensity and depth to this whodunit story that a Dick Wolf or a TNT network executive would want to option.???

Bravo, Dr. Benton.