Erica R. Roberson

Erica R. Roberson
Vice President
Global Marketing, Pureology and Mizani
L’Oreal USA
New York, N.Y.
Age: 39??

Michigan native Erica Roberson is decidedly low-maintenance when it comes to feeling beautiful. ?I do appreciate cosmetic products, particularly those in the L?Or?al family, to give me a little enhancement to my natural look, but I feel most beautiful on the weekends when I?m in my natural element. I like to put on my sweats, work out and take long bike rides,? she says.

The Hampton University and University of Michigan Business School graduate currently is vice president for Global Marketing, Pureology and Mizani, at L?Or?al USA, one of the world?s most recognizable beauty companies. For the past seven years, she has delivered thought leadership and innovative solutions across the textured hair landscape. She earned a second masters degree ? in cosmetic fragrance and marketing?at Fashion Institute of Technology.

Roberson recalls that she has been a beauty specialist since childhood, ?When I was a little girl I would take a mix of things like avocado and banana for example and come up with different hair care treatments,? she explains. That passion led her to co-found Facets of Beauty Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to exposing girls of color to the many career?facets?of the?beauty?and fashion industries.

As a Black, female executive in a world-class beauty company today, Roberson is on the front lines of expanding cultural perceptions of what beauty is. ?I feel like I have developed a voice in the organizations where I?ve worked,? she says. ?Part of my mission has always been to shift the dialogue in terms of beauty, whether it is shades of beauty or the diverse spectrum of hair. I am happy to be part of the leadership who are helping to shape this conversation through the dialogue, product innovation and the visual territory.?


Favorite singer: Sade
Last Movie:?Black Panther #wakanda forever
Countries visited: Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania