Enjoy Your Workday More

Man smiling wearing a blue hard hat and a suit Follow these tips to start stressing less and smiling more at work.

?All work and no play? is an old adage, but what if you could combine the two? Fun isn’t just about having a good time, it is actually healthy. The most successful people manage to have fun with what they are doing, and you are more likely to thrive at your work if you genuinely enjoy it. So how can you boost the fun quotient in the office? Follow these tips to start stressing less and smiling more at work.?

Get The Bad Out of the Way?

This productivity tip is popular for a reason ? it really works! Get your most unpleasant or boring task out of the way first thing in the morning. By tackling it head on, you can spend the rest of your day on more enjoyable projects. You also eliminate hours of dreading the task, which will further elevate your mood.?

Take a Real Lunch Break?

If you are used to sneaking bites of a sandwich in between emails and conference calls, give yourself a real break in the middle of the day. Even if you can only get away from the office for 15 minutes, you’ll notice a difference. To add even more fun, make a weekly lunch date with a friend, not a coworker. Try a new restaurant each week to have two things to look forward to.?

Try Something New?

Add variety and fun to your nine-to-five by volunteering for a variety of projects. Doing something new is a great cure for boredom, and you will have fun with the challenge. You’ll also get bonus points for your proactive attitude!?

Attend Work Events?

Get involved with the more fun aspects of your office life, like the softball league or the community service project. If your business does not already have programs in place, start one yourself! You’ll network with your colleagues while unleashing a more fun side of your coworkers.?

Celebrate Your Successes!?

You don’t have to wait for an office birthday to get in the celebratory spirit. Instead of holding out for a big milestone or holiday, celebrate the end of challenging projects, the acquisition of a new client or another work-related achievement. You don’t have to bust out the balloons and cake, but you should do something to mark the occasion and make it more special and exciting. Order a great meal for the team, skip out an hour early to see a movie or bring in a massage therapist for the afternoon. The anticipation will be just as great as the actual prize!