Employees Who Will Always Have A Job

JOBDo you want job security? Do you want to know that no matter what happens to the economy, you will always have a source of income? Then you need to become an entrepreneur.

Wait, isn?t an entrepreneur kind of the opposite of being an employee? No, that?s not the definition of entrepreneur I?m talking about. My favorite definition of the word ?entrepreneur? is someone who moves an asset from an area of lower utility to an area of higher utility. In other words, someone who makes things better, or adds value.

You don?t have to start or own a business to do this, although running a business will quickly teach you why adding value is the most important thing you can screen for in potential hires. Running a business will also show you why, without the ability to add value, there is no such thing for you as job stability. Experiences I had 15 years ago drove this lesson home.

Back around 2000, when I was a college student, I wanted to work for a big tech company such as Microsoft, Dell or Intel. Those were the hot companies back then, and I thought the work would be exciting and rewarding. I also thought working at one of those companies would be safe and stable.