“Empire” Season Ends on a High Note


EmpireFilmmaker Lee Daniels? (The Butler, Precious) “Empire” on the Fox network has garnered through-the-roof ratings since its debut on television and, among fans, it?s been a love affair ever since. We were sad to see it end last night, but there?s more to look forward to next season.?

According to a post on Target Market News this week, ?After passing the nine million mark last week in the number of Black TV viewers, the Wednesday night drama added nearly another half million viewers in the first week of March. That makes seven consecutive weeks of continuous audience growth, and the first time that such an increase can be credited to Black households.?

As if killer ratings aren’t enough, the soundtrack, now available on iTunes, has reportedly topped Madonna?s new cd.

Well done, Mr. Daniels.

“Drip, drop, drip, drippity, drop.”

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