Embracing Social Media at Prometheus

    Embracing Social Media at Prometheus

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    SAN MATEO, Calif.April 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — For Prometheus Real Estate Group, the largest owner of apartments in the San Francisco Bay area, breaking the mold of traditional advertising started with a simple blog. Today, Prometheus leverages the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets across their diverse portfolio of properties. The effort allows Prometheus Real Estate employees (whom the company dubs "Prometheans") to share relevant, helpful information like interior design tips, neighborhood news & suggestions, and property info by engaging in a dynamic exchange with residents (appropriately referred to as "Neighbors").

    Now, getting the word out to neighbors about an upcoming event is just a blog, Facebook post or tweet away. A team of Prometheans, called "The Voice", are dedicated to creating content and promoting the company's social media presence. Staying connected via social media helps build a closer, more personally engaged community at Prometheus properties.

    "Advertising is traditionally very sales orientated," said Cindy Park, Vice President of Marketing, "with social media, we can communicate in our own voice, providing engaging and useful information. We're building community with our current neighbors while reaching out and making a personal connection with future neighbors."

    The result is a more open and responsive relationship between Prometheus and their neighbors.

    "It's just another way to deliver great service and make our neighbors feel at home," said Park.

    About Prometheus

    Since its inception in 1965, Prometheus Real Estate Group has specialized in the development and management of high quality residential properties throughout the Western United States. Today, they are the largest private owner of multi-family properties in the San Francisco Bay area with a growing portfolio of more than 18,000 metropolitan area apartments in Seattle, Portland, OR and Los Angeles. Recognition includes:

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