Embrace Your Weaknesses and Further Your Career

HairWe all have our strengths. And we all have our weaknesses. The key is to learn to turn your weaknesses into strengths, especially in the corporate world.

First, recognize your own weaknesses. This will take a lot of self-analysis. You may also want to do a 360-degree review with your friends, family, and trusted work colleagues–ask them what they feel are areas you need to work on.

Hiding or denying your weaknesses will only hinder you in your climb up the corporate ladder. ?By accepting your weaknesses, you’re accepting reality. If you deny your weaknesses, you will overestimate your abilities. Everyone has weaknesses and that’s okay,? says Tom Casano, CEO and founder of Life Coach Spotter.

He adds, ?You may dislike your weaknesses and wish that you didn’t have them. However, by denying them, you actually create more inner-conflict with them. When you embrace and accept your weaknesses, you can actually turn them into strengths.?

Believe it or not, they can be turned into pluses. ?An example is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was told that he couldn’t act because he was too muscular and he had a thick accent. He turned his weaknesses into strengths when he was cast for his first movie, ?Conan the Barbarian.’ The directors needed his big muscles and thick accent. So his weakness actually became a strength,? Casano points out.

You?d think once you learn about your weaknesses, you should get rid of them – and fast. But don’t. ?What you resist persists. When you fight against your weaknesses, you actually empower them and make them bigger than they deserve to be. Your only power is your attention. It magnifies whatever you give it to. It doesn’t matter whether it is something positive or negative,? explains life coach Rev. Sherri James, creator of the Metaphysical Bible Hangout.

Some experts say you should actually love your weaknesses. There are several things you can do to start loving your weaknesses. ?One of the best ways to love your weaknesses is to practice positive affirmations. A good personal affirmation is ?I love and accept myself without condition. I am great as I am,? ? says James. ?What we say to ourselves controls what we notice. When we speak negatively to ourselves, our attention is drawn to what is negative about us. Conversely, when we speak positively about ourselves, our attention is drawn to what is positive about us. We can literally change the opportunities we see by changing what we say to ourselves about ourselves…Many people scoff at affirmations as spiritual mumbo jumbo. The truth is that all of us have an inner conversation going on all day long. It never ends. Most people are unaware of all the things they say to themselves all day long. Practicing affirmations gives us an opportunity to get ahead of an inner conversation that is already happening.?

Once you embrace your weaknesses, there will fewer obstacles to your success. ?Eighty percent of success is psychology; twenty percent is mechanics. Accepting yourself 100% is a crucial key in mastering the inner game and developing the mental psychology that invites success in every area of your life. Your inner game (your internal conversation) is the most important thing to get in order whether you’re an employee ascending the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur building a business from scratch. We lose valuable time fighting against the things that we do not do well,? concludes James. ??Instead, focus on your strengths. There are opportunities for which you are perfectly suited. Choose business ventures and career paths that make use of your strengths. You’ll be much happier.?