Elorm Goh

President, Food Transactions Ltd. Accra, Ghana. Age: 27

Elorm Goh believes in the right to choose? the right to choose one?s own path, that is. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey?s words, ?Understand that the right to choose your own path is a sacred privilege. Use it. Dwell in possibility.? Goh pursued her interest in farming communities and, in 2008, launched Food Transactions Ltd. to help farmers find markets for their produce. The idea for the company came from Goh?s assessment of Ghana?s economy. ?More than fifty percent of Ghana?s population is employed by the agriculture sector. Since so much of our GDP is reliant upon this sector, more attention needs to be paid to it,? she says.

Farmers in Ghana and neighboring countries have difficulty getting their produce to market, largely because of location and transportation. Wholesalers interested in bulk purchases are usually located in urban centers, while most farmers are in remote places with bad roads, making it difficult to get to marketplaces in a short period. In some cases, the produce ends up rotting before the farmers arrive at the markets. Goh?s company steps in by finding large buyers to help with the collection of the produce from the farms.

Goh?s compassion for the lives of farmers runs deep. ?At times, I?ve even slept at these farms just to experience and understand their day-to-day lives. This gives me a better opportunity to be even more zealous about helping them.? She plans to continue in ?improving the prospects of agriculture in Africa,? believing that if a farmer?s life is better equipped, he is in a better position to educate his children and give them proper health care. Goh has a bachelor?s degree in sociology and religion from the University of Ghana. One of five 2010 winners of the United Nations? prestigious Sukuma Young Afrika Entrepreneurs Award, she credits much of her success to her family?s lessons in selflessness, responsibility and a sense of communalism.??

Fun Facts
Nickname: El
Favorite food: Ripe plantain with garden eggs stew
What artist/group would you go on tour with: Celine Dion
Movie theater or home theater: Home theater
Last movie: Letters to Juliet
Facebook or LinkedIn: Facebook
What actor should play you in a movie: Angelina Jolie
Favorite sports team: Accra Hearts of Oak
List the languages you speak: English, TWI, EWE