Effective Press Releases Made Easy

Effective press releasesUnleash the power of your press releases to take your business to the next level.

Contrary to what most people used to believe, the power of press releases does not lie on its direct link building capability but rather on its ability to attract media attention. So, if you have been distributing press releases just to get high-quality links pointing back to your site, you may need to rethink your strategy. You need to do better than that, especially since Google announced that such links by themselves will not help improve the PageRank value of your website anymore. ??

If that’s the case, why should you bother writing and distributing press releases? Shouldn’t you just stop doing it altogether? Well, definitely not. As mentioned earlier, the real power of a press release lies in its ability to attract media attention. If a journalist reads your news release and decides to write a full blown article out of it, the link in that article will definitely count.?

So, how can you attract a journalist’s attention? Here are some tips that can help you do just that:

Know your audience. More than just writing with your end consumer in mind, you should also wite to attract? journalists’ attention. Write press releases that resonate with your target journalists’ interests, tastes and personal views.?

Learn how to write effective headlines. Your headline is the first thing your audience sees so you are better off using it to your advantage. For best results, use a headline that accurately communicates the content of your news release, piques your reader’s interest and can help you get higher search engine rankings.

Cut through the hype. Journalists are a critical bunch. They are trained to spot nonsense from miles away so you will definitely do better if you cut through the hype and just stick with the facts. Forget the high praises ? they won?t get you anywhere.

Don’t use jargon. Avoid using terms that your average readers do not understand. Explain the concept rather than using a term that may confuse them.

Avoid hard sell. A press release is not a sales pitch so don’t make it look like one.?

Go with the traditional style. Most press releases are written using either the traditional reverse triangle approach whereby a summary of the facts is given or the modern approach whereby the press release is written as the final news story. Between the two, most journalists still favor the traditional approach so using it may work in your favor. ??

You can unleash the full potential of your press releases just by following these simple tips so keep them in mind as you draft your next release.