Effective Calls-to-Action: Why Small Businesses Shouldn?t Do Without Them

Generating leadsWithout a strong call to action, your business website would not be a success.

When it comes to generating leads, small businesses have a long way to go. According to the results of the Small Business B2B Call to Action Study which analyzed the websites of 200 small businesses based in the US, it was observed that most businesses failed to use relevant and effective call to actions (CTA). Here are some of the highlights of the said study.

  • 96% of the websites don?t offer guides, white papers, and other valuable reports while 70% do not have any clear CTAs for anything on their home pages. In addition, 72% do not have any calls to action on their interior pages.
  • 82% do not link to their social media pages on their websites.
  • 38% do not display their email prominently on their home pages (they often put it in the footer) while 68% do not even mention their email address on their home page.
  • 31% often bury their phone numbers in the footer of their home page while 27% do not even include their phone number on the home page.

Needless to say, failure to include a strong CTA in your website significantly reduces your chances of success. It can undermine your lead generation efforts, do nothing to help you build relationships with your target customers or establish your credibility, and may even cause you to lose out on other opportunities.

Tips for Creating Effective CTAs for Your Website

If you want to take advantage of everything a strong CTA can offer to your business, here are some tips you may need to consider.

  • Make it stand out. Your CTA should be different from all the other links in the page so consider using buttons to make it stand out. For best results, put additional space around your CTA and use contrasting colors and other design elements to draw attention.
  • Consider its placement. Since your visitors will be in different stages of the buying process, you need to carefully consider which CTA to use in each of your pages. Don?t use a ?Buy Now? button on your home page since most people who are visiting this page are merely browsing around and are still in the process of getting to know your business. You should also keep your CTAs above the fold to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Highlight the benefits. Your CTA should prompt your visitor to take the appropriate action so emphasize the benefits that they can get by doing what you want them to do.

Using a strong call to action in the right pages can help you take your business to greater heights so keep these tips in mind as you update your business website.