EBONY August: The Black Wealth Issue

    EBONY August: The Black Wealth Issue

    An intimate conversation with Tyler Perry as only EBONY can deliver. The $350 Million Man gets personal on the highs and lows of his life as he talks about reacting to critics, building his business?and his desire for a family.

    Top-level financial executives offer their insight on creating wealth at any age in the Ultimate Money Guide; the definitive report on The State of Black Wealth in America. Plus: Our editors scour the market and study the runways to bring you a little bit of luxe and a lot of chic no matter what your budget.

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    CHICAGO, July 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — EBONY swings wide the mansion doors, breaks open the vault, and goes on the record with Black America's best known but most private people to assemble the most in depth look at Black Wealth to date.

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    Cover man and many million-dollar mogul Tyler Perry opens up to EBONY about his new role in the upcoming film Good Deeds, and how this one-man empire overcame impossible odds to reach improbable heights. What brings him to tears? What happened with Spike Lee? What goes on behind the gates at TP Studios? Are there family plans in Perry's future? ?EBONY has the inside story from the man himself.

    Wealth does not have to mean billion-dollar bank accounts, yachts, and private hedge funds. EBONY sits down with the top financial advisors to the yacht crowd?because they obviously know a thing or two?and gathers the advice you should have at each stage of your life to stay smart with your money, Build Your Wealth, and Earn More Cash. Follow the 100+ Ways To Get Rich and maybe that yacht will be docking by you sooner than you think.

    The EBONY editors take a hard look at green shoots in the Black community to compile a compelling and definitive analysis of The State of Black Wealth in America.

    The lingering impact of decades of repression, the blow of the recession, and the effects of the mortgage crisis have forced Black America to weather a devastating past and left it stuck in a difficult present but the silver lining is there and the light at the end of the tunnel has never shone so bright. From that far end of the struggle those who have overcome are living well and serving as an example to everyone living "Paycheck to Paycheck" that the fight can be won and that progress is being made every day throughout the country.

    EBONY scopes out "Where the Wealthy Are," debates the virtue of "Buying Black," checks out "The View From the Top" with Citigroup Chair and corporate fixer Dick Parsons, takes "A Welcome Respite" with Sheila Johnson at her sprawling estate, infiltrates the "Invitation Only" private clubs attracting the social set, and goes one on one with the Bronfman heirs.

    From their penthouse offices some of America's most influential executives, successful investors, and savvy entrepreneurs each reveal to EBONY "The Best Advice I Ever Received."

    Read the guidelines To Spot (and Drop) a Gold Digger and be prepared to find the partner who wants to be with you and not your checkbook.

    Discover luxe at any price with runway to your way designer gear for every budget.

    Among the regular features this month:

    The Radar: The source for all things current in politics, culture, and technology presents the strategies being used by groups across the country to find concrete ways of obtaining and maintaining your wealth; jots down the things you need to know for August in the monthly "Discuss? Your Water Cooler Crib Sheet"; catches up with Mekhi Phifer on why August is this man's money month; introduces Naomi Beckwith, the MCA's new curator poised to rock the Chicago art scene; gets the inside scoop on Diddy-Dirty Money and the work that goes in to coming out on top; and Tom Joyner discusses the difference between making money and earning money.

    Style: Every moment presents a fashion opportunity. This summer get all the best fashion has to offer with the EBONY budget-friendly style guide; the EBONY editors pick the best smelling designer scents and hot off the runway accessories to match them; six investment tips to buying a well-crafted watch; and ensure you have the chic summer look by mixing designer brands at affordable prices.

    Elevate: The guide to wellness and spirituality reminds you who's in control in times of adversity; an inspiring story of one family's loss and the powerful message of a proud parent; Stacy Charles challenges her way of life by suspending her online accounts and relying on face time interaction; "Good Medicine" gives you new ideas for a healthy mind, body, and spirit; "The 2-Minute Checkup" from Dr. Dave Montgomery; and groove into shape by learning how one mom shed the pounds and stays fit.

    Connect ? "The Partnership Project: Our Yearlong Look at the State of Black Love" provides the gold digger guidelines; love coach Shane K. Perrault shares advice on decreasing tension and conflict in your relationship; and examines what new research says about rough times; romance and resilience in Black Love in the Time of Recession.

    Achieve ? Learn where wealthy blacks give and how you can give back to your community; money experts draw up the blueprint for financial success and how to maximize your wealth at any age; reveals the best advice top business executives have received; and how to live large and get your share on any income.

    Live ? Lauren Malaika Cooper show the way to dream big; take an inside look at our top fantasy getaway destinations; the must have accessories to travel in style and comfort; how to make your next reunion the best one yet; explore the Top 5 reunion cities; and Black vintners, vineyards, and vintages.

    Also in this issue: You Can't Handle the Truth: The monthly strip from the creators of the Black Panther comic series draws up the perfect team.

    EBONY: It's more than a magazine, it's a movement.

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