Easy Ways To Cover Grey Hair

GREYSalon owners from New York to LA are throwing up their hands as an upstart home color company, eSalon.com, continues to lure away their best customers.

After one owner secretly tried the custom-blended eSalon color on her own hair, she really started worrying about losing the rest of her business. ?The results were that good!? she confided to a friend.

?I couldn?t believe when one of my oldest customers asked if I had heard of eSalon,? a New York colorist moaned. ?I could tell she had one foot out the door.? Considering eSalon is less than what many women tip their hair colorists, more and more women are starting to give it a try. And for good reason.

eSalon?s answer for hair color

eSalon?s expert colorists know that mass made boxed hair color couldn?t possibly work for everyone. So they craft each eSalon color?one-by-one?using the precise formula they feel will best attain each woman?s goals.

High-quality ingredients and pigments go into the advanced salon-grade formulas, which allow eSalon to deliver superior grey coverage, along with rich, long-lasting, healthy hair color.

The personalized pigment even has your name on the bottle, because it?s made only for you. And for a total hassle-free experience, each hair color order is delivered right to your door, and the color is under $20. That?s a far cry from the $100-plus you?d pay at a salon!

Just ask eSalon?s colorists how jealous some can get: ?It?s so bad, we?re sometimes reluctant to tell other colorists what we do. But we?re proud of the service we provide for professional women.?