Easy Journeys: Travel Apps and Websites to Check Out

travel appsTravel apps are now a must-use for nearly every traveler. And more and more are coming out almost each day. Travel apps can get you a great deal, alert you to your destination’s current conditions, or help you discover a totally new location.

Here are a few apps you can use on your next journey:

HelloTel is a free meeting app for travelers. Users indicate whether they are in town for business or pleasure. Then they receive a social media feed of people within their GDS radius who are mentioning staying at the hotel. Could be a great networking tool, especially if you are in town for a convention.

Adioso is an easy-to-use travel search and booking app. It lets users get information on destinations, deals, planning and booking trips.

Living Earth is a weather and clock app that features video of live clouds, global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms worldwide. Additionally, the app offers live 3D weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts and sunrise and sunset times for various cities globally.

Gate Guru will help you go straight to your gate. With this app, you might never miss a flight again because you don’t know exactly where to board.

Track Anyone
is a good idea for family members, friends, and work colleagues to keep track of each other during? travels. If you are traveling to a conference with co-workers, but are on different carriers at different times, this can help you keep track of their travels.

Apps are cool, but let’s not forget websites. “It is a good idea to use travel booking sites as opposed to a travel agent for a few reasons. Firstly, they are economical. Using a variety of sites will allow you to find the best prices, and will also, often, allow you to find the best route or travel experiences for your future journey. So they are more robust. And using technology can offer more options with greater economies of scale,” says Kevin Jochelson, founder and chief events officer of travel startup, Fiestafy.com. Fiestafy is a multilingual global events search engine. It allows users to find the best events anywhere in the world in their own language.

Here are a few travel websites worth mentioning:

Pintrips lets you pin flight results from sites ranging from United Airlines to Kayak on a dashboard, and you can view the airfares update over hours, days or weeks. Then when you want to book a flight, you just select. The cool thing is that you can pin an unlimited number of flights with various departure/arrival times and even classes from a number of carriers.

Flightfox features flight experts that offer a wealth of knowledge on flight routing, loyalty programs and airfare pricing. Users launch a trip request for any of the site’s experts and then your selected expert will review your trip details, ask any necessary questions, and work as hard as they can to find you the absolute best flights. It’s almost like a virtual agent.

Fiestafy allows users to locate major events anywhere around the world in their own language. “Featuring only available and accessible events you will only ever be able to find out about world-class events that you can actually attend. No more missing out on amazing events because you don’t speak the local language, or simply didn’t know about them,” explains Jochelson.