E-Gifts On The Rise

XmasElectronic gifts are on the rise this year and in addition to the perk of not having to wrap or ship them, they are expected to generate a total of $9.2 billion dollars worth of revenue next year. E-gifts are books, music, games, movies or applications for electronic devices including iPods, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and other E-readers. As these devices gain popularity so do the number and variety of mobile programs that go on them. This holiday season, these programs are more popular than ever, perhaps because they can be sent straight to a loved one’s email address. According to Elastic Path, an e-commerce provider, a quarter of all holiday shoppers will be buying electronic gifts this year.

Apple, one of the leading contenders in the sale of electronic goods, allows their customers to send music, applications, movies and TV shows via the internet. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Google have similar gift options that are available all year long. Video-streaming companies like Netflix sell subscriptions from their websites that can also be given as presents.

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