Dubai To Host It Luxury Watch Week

LUXIn Dubai on October 18th, 2015, timepiece lovers will be delighted to participate in the city?s first Dubai Watch Week event. Spearheaded by the major luxury retailer group Ahmed Seddiqi & Son, Dubai Watch Week is a combination of educational seminars, round table discussions, retail events, and previews of valuable watch auction pieces, as well as an exhibition of the watches participating in the upcoming Grand Prix d?Horlogerie de Geneve watch industry awards show.

Dubai is a celebrated destination for luxury shopping which, of course, includes watches. A unique entity in the Middle East region, Dubai is often praised for its general liberal culture, fast-paced business environment, and impressive architecture. Dubai Watch Week will be a welcome addition to the city?s watch marketplace which includes an impressive volume of luxury watch sales to both locals and visitors. I?ll be personally attending Dubai Watch Week to experience the event first hand, but prior to the city?s inaugural Dubai Watch Week, I spoke with Hind Seddiqi, CMO of Seddiqi Holdings, about the 2015 event that will run from October 18th to 22nd, 2015.

DWW logoAriel Adams: Dubai has a reputation as a major international destination for shopping and luxury goods. How important are watches in the context of those goods? What would you guess is the split between goods sold to locals and those sold to visitors?

Hind Seddiqi: Earlier in 2015, Dubai was listed as one of the top 5 global shopping destinations. There has also been an increase in the number of global luxury brands opening regional offices in Dubai ? indications of its strategic location and importance in the luxury retail sector. Dubai is among the top 10 Swiss watch importers in the world, making the Emirate one of the most important watch markets in the Middle East.

During the past 65 years, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has been contributing to the growth of watch collecting among both nationals and expatriates. In line with this market development, Dubai has attracted an extraordinary selection of luxury brands and unique pieces that continue to hold the attention of international buyers from across the world. We cater to a wide selection of clients that are based in the UAE and the wider region, as well as international markets including China, Russia, and South and North America.

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