Draw in More Customers with Well-Crafted Business Signs

A great business sign is essential to make a good first impression on potential customers. It is also an important factor in building brand awareness. People are either pushed away or drawn in with your signage, whether it is a lawn sign or a sign on your storefront.?

Effective signs grab attention while informing the onlooker. They offer potential customers a sense of expertise about your services or products, and they signal whether or not your business is professional. In this way, how your sign looks is just as important as what it says.?

To draw in customers and build brand awareness, follow these tips to craft an effective business sign.?

The Basics?

A storefront should be topped with an easy-to-read, clean, well-maintained and well-lit sign. In addition to including your business’s name, include a line about what it does. For example, ?Smith’s Tailoring? is more effective and informative than just ?Smith’s.??

Consider the placement of your sign, too. Make sure it is visible from your customers’ perspective if they are strolling by, driving past on the road or standing on a nearby corner. Ensure that the sign is not obstructed by other buildings, power lines or trees.?

Lawn signs, billboards and those that are plastered on a truck or van should always include the name of your business and its logo, your retail storefront’s address, a phone number and a website URL.?

If you have the space, include a call to action (such as ?call us to schedule an appointment today!?), a brief, snappy slogan or an SMS or text code that directs onlookers to a landing page on your website.?

Effective Design Elements?

Colors can make or break an effective business sign. Choose bold colors for the most visually-appealing impact, and make the background colors and text contrast so the information is easier to read.?

Make readability your first priority for the text. Avoid using all-capital letters, choose a simple typeface and stick to two fonts or less. If you can say something in just five words, don’t use ten.?

Include something eye-catching that is also understandable without text, like your logo, a drawing or an evocative photograph. This addition will make your sign more memorable.?

Placement and Size?

Don’t spend time, energy and money creating a great-looking sign that no one can see. Make sure your sign can easily be seen from a distance, and situate it relatively close to your business. Inside, place signs close to the returns window, sale items or cash register.?