Dr. Edith Mitchell Named President of the National Medical Association

Edith MitchellDr. Edith Mitchell, a board certified doctor of internal medicine and oncology, was named president of the National Medical Association. (The NMA currently has 30,000 members and is the nation’s oldest professional society for? African American physicians.)?

A member of the editorial board of the Journal of the National Medical Association, Dr. Mitchell is an advocate of helping the underserved who cannot afford medicine.??

She has been quoted as saying, ?Many minority physicians, especially African-Americans, practice where a significant portion of their patients are either minorities or are socio-economically underserved. Many had little access to insurance prior to the Affordable Care Act, so addressing (disparities) is important in terms of healthcare delivery in the neighborhoods.?

The recipient of numerous awards including the ?Tree of Life? award, Mitchell earned a bachelor?s degree from Tennessee State University and her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.