Don’t Use Gmail without These Top Extensions

google chrome extensionUsing Gmail? Get these Best Chrome Extensions to Maximize Your Experience

Just over one decade ago, Google released Gmail, which has become one of the world’s most popular webmail services. The company released its browser, Chrome, in 2008, and extensions to the browser can add new abilities and features to Gmail. Here are some of the top Chrome extensions for Gmail that will add to your Gmail experience, making it easier,?more productive and more efficient.?

Gmail Offline?

This free extensions allows you to access your Gmail without an Internet connection. While offline, you can search your messages and read through your inbox, and you can even write out responses. When you reconnect, you’ll get new mail and be able to send your responses. This extension effectively lets you work with the email service anywhere, anytime, even if you can’t get an Internet connection.


If you dislike Gmail’s latest interface changes, you can revert back to some of the old elements using this free extension. For example, you can go back to the original compose message window and return to your inbox by clicking on the Gmail logo. Gmelius can also hide ads and other unpopular features. ?

Checker Plus?

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you need this extension. Checker Plus lets you access all your accounts quickly and easily through a drop-down menu with color coded notifications, desktop notifications and more tools to organize your messages. More features can be unlocked for a donation of any size.?

Secure Mail for Gmail?

Made by Streak, this extension is free and priceless! Use it to stop nosy people from snooping on your Gmail. Simply use the extension to add a password to your messages, which will be encrypted in code until the recipient provides that password.?

MxHero Toolbox?

Download this extension and instead of hitting ?send,? you’ll get access to tolls that will let you track the opening of messages or attachments. You can also tag a message for self destruction five minutes after it is opened, get more privacy options than just blind carbon copy and even schedule message sending.?

Active Inbox?

For just under $40 per year, you can get this extension and turn your Gmail into an even more powerful productivity tool. Active Inbox transforms your messages into tasks that can easily be prioritized and goals that can be tracked, and it even groups similar tasks into larger projects.?

Snooze your Email?

Are your Gmail notifications going off all day, interrupting your workflow (or your favorite YouTube video)? Hit the snooze button with this app, and you can pause the income of your messages for minutes or days.?