Don’t Sabotage Your Health on the Weekends

downtime on the weekends is essential These common mistakes can ruin your time off and make Monday morning even more difficult.

Many people can’t wait to get to Friday (TGIF!) and spend the week dreaming up great plans for Saturday and Sunday, but by the time the weekend actually arrives, few people actually make the most of that precious downtime.
Although the weekends are technically days of rest, that does not mean they should be counterproductive. You may be sabotaging your weekend and your health with bad habits that can significantly impact your stress levels, sleep patterns and even weight.
These common mistakes can ruin your time off and make Monday morning even more difficult:
Staying Plugged In
Use the weekend to recharge your mind and soul, not your cellphone or laptop. Go tech-free for a few hours or an entire day to maximize your relaxation and reduce your stress levels. Instead of spending time on your phone or pouring over emails, spend time with your family or doing what you love most.

For many people, the weekend means eating out, but going to a restaurant often translates into indulging in dessert or eating too-large portions of food. If you are on a diet during the week, overindulging on the weekends can slow your progress and kill your motivation come Monday.
Sleeping Too Late

Staying up to the wee hours and sleeping until noon the next day is a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up feeling more tired and struggle to get back to a normal sleep schedule come Sunday night. Although it is tempting to make the most of the weekend by staying up and sleeping late, try to hit the sheets and get up within an hour of your normal weekday times.
Tackling a To-Do List
Instead of spending all day Saturday and Sunday powering through a to-do list, try taking a bit of time each weeknight to do laundry, clean and run errands. You’ll spend less time on these tasks because you have less time, and you will free up your weekends for fun and relaxation.
Falling Into the Sunday Blues
Stressing about the upcoming work week will ruin your weekend. Instead of spending Sunday worrying about Monday, force yourself to do something you love or spend time with your favorite people.
Catching Up on Work
Highly successful people do not spend the weekends catching up on work. Instead, they manage their time so they can use the weekends to recharge as much as possible. Prioritize your time so you don’t have to spend every Saturday holed up in your home office. If you spend the weekends recharging, you will be more productive come Monday.