Don’t Ruin Your Yard: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Yard Mistakes Here are some of the most common errors most homeowners commit when fixing their yards.

People often make mistakes when landscaping their yards. While some of these might be merely unsightly, some may be against local laws and regulations. Worse, some of these mistakes may even put you and your property in jeopardy. Prevent these things from happening by knowing which mistakes to avoid.

Landscaping Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Yard

Choosing the wrong foundation plantings. Planting along your house foundation without knowing the mature dimensions of the plants you are using may cause problems down the line. For best results, do your research before choosing which plants to use and consider the mature dimensions of the plants when making your landscape plan.

Using ground covers that tend to get out of hand. Ground covers are low-growing plants that are supposed to discourage weeds from growing in your yard by filling the area before the weeds can even sprout out of the ground. The problem is that some ground covers tend to thrive too vigorously that they become weeds in their own right. Two good examples are the English Ivy (Hedera helix) and Creeping Jenny (Convolvulus arvensis).

Bad plant placement. You may not achieve an optimal display and appreciate what you have when you fail to put your plants in their proper places. Avoid these by planting the same plants together (this will create more impact) and by factoring in the role the sun plays in enhancing a view.

Failure to consider wildlife. When landscaping your yard, you should aim to create a beautiful space that works in harmony with nature ? and not against it. Consider the wildlife in your area to have a fairly good idea on which animals you want to attract and those that you want to keep out of your property line, and plant accordingly.

Ignoring local laws and regulations. Some homeowners tend to ignore local laws and regulations. Do this and you may find yourself on the hot seat. Keep in mind that these laws were put in place to protect the citizens? welfare and ensure harmony in the neighborhood so check local regulations before you start planting.