Don’t Get Caught Up In Holiday Madness: How to Stay Focused at Work

Office holidayThe holiday chaos is about to start! ?But don’t let the season’s madness make you lose your focus on work. In fact, you may be able to be more productive.

“Keep reminding yourself that you need to work now, to enjoy yourself more later. Avoid wasting work time by thinking about what you want to do later. You?ll enjoy the holiday season much more without the nagging feeling of unfinished work. You?ll be more relaxed, and able to enjoy yourself,” says Todd Robinson, founder of Applied Awareness.

Act like you’re getting ready for vacation and get everything in order. “Clear the decks ? just like you do just before you go on vacation. Make a decision on all those emails and other reminders that are hanging around. Eliminate most of them and schedule the rest. This will reduce your stress level and help you start the New Year with a plan,” suggests professional organizer and coach Alice Price, president of Organize Long Island, Inc.

Since the workload sometimes lightens up this time of year–depending on the industry–you can actually get some of those products done that you relegated to the back burner. “This time of year, the work atmosphere lightens up, or livens up if you work in the retail business. Embrace the change from the same old day-in day-out grind. Direct the natural energy you get from the change of pace back into getting more done, or finishing up early,” says Robinson.

Don’t be ‘all work’ and ‘no pleasure.’ “Add non-work time to your schedule. This will help you be more productive when you are working because you won’t be thinking about whether or not you should be, and you can make sure that you have set enough time aside for loved ones ahead of time,” explains David Waring, co-founder and editor of

Don’t take work home. This will actually be counterproductive as it could cause you to burn out. Do your work in the office and after work enjoy the season. See family and friends. Go Christmas shopping. Decorate your home.

Also don’t multi-task
. This can be overload. Focus on one project at a time. This way, you will make sure to do it right and not have to go back and correct yourself.

Holiday travel can also be used productively.
“Use travel time to your advantage. Most smart phones now allow you to connect your computer to the data connection allowing you to turn boring travel time into productive work time,” notes Waring.

And simply, don’t allow yourself to be pulled in multiple directions. “Be selective about accepting invitations to holiday parties. Too much unhealthy eating and drinking takes you off the top of your game,” says Price.