Don’t Apologize For Not Wearing Make-Up

MAKE UPWhy do we apologize when we don?t look put together? It?s a topic that comedian Lilly Singh is addressing in her newest YouTube video. The online star is known for her weekly comedy videos, but this week, she?s talking about beauty in a video titled ?I?m NOT sorry.?

In the video, which has almost 1 million views, Singh explains that she was having a busy day, with no time to get ready before having two meetings ? which meant she didn?t put on any makeup. She texted the people she was meeting with, apologizing in advance for her appearance, saying ?Hey, just a heads up I look like a mess. Sorry. Don?t judge me.? Singh goes on to say that after her meetings it hit her that she had just apologized to people for not wearing makeup. ?Since when do I have to apologize for looking like myself? And when is looking like myself ?a mess??? she says in the video. ?Why do we do that? That is not okay. Looking like yourself is not something you need be sorry for.?

I don?t think that Singh is alone is having sent an apology message like this?I know that I?ve done it before. Whether I?m seeing a friend after being at the gym or meeting up with someone early in the morning, I?ve sent my fair share of ?sorry I look this way and not like Gisele? text messages and Singh is right, it?s really ridiculous.

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