Domain Name Registrar Corp. Reveals That LegitScript Admitted Having Registered Hundreds of Pharma Domains Purposely Using Fake Whois Data and in Breach of ICANN Policies

    Domain Name Registrar Corp. Reveals That LegitScript Admitted Having Registered Hundreds of Pharma Domains Purposely Using Fake Whois Data and in Breach of ICANN Policies

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    NASSAU, Bahamas, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Corp. CEO Marco Rinaudo has issued the following statement:

    — Beginning of statement —

    In a frustrated attempt to tarnish ICANN Registrar Corp.'s reputation, the US-based company LegitScript openly admits to having employed undercover agents to register domain names suggesting the sale of illegal or regulated drugs from the USA to the USA and furthermore using fake whois data. Both actions are in breach of Corp. Terms and Conditions and in violation of ICANN rules.

    LegitScript's report published on their website can be found here:

    A security backup copy can be found at the Corp. website:

    The above report states:

    "… To find out, LegitScript went undercover."

    "… We went on to register with over one hundred seventy-five domain names such as and that appeared to be selling products like Vicodin and Xanax …."

    Both domains were using a non-existing USA address (2188 CLOUSSON ROADHOUSTON TX) prior to being suspended.

    It must be pointed out that while attempting to tarnish Corp.'s reputation, LegitScript's report shows private correspondence that is in fact demonstrating the opposite point. In each single email mentioned in the above report, Corp. is always making it clear that the domain name has to comply with applicable laws. The fact that a Canadian pharmacy domain is not subject to FDA regulations is a clear example. On the other hand, while FDA regulations do not apply to Canada, other and as-stringent-as FDA regulations apply to Canadian pharmacy domains.

    Another point to note is that the above report is dated March 11, 2012 and was issued the day after Corp. suspended the domains registered with fake whois data by LegitScript.

    Registry logs show that the subject domains had been suspended prior to the issuance of the report and LegitScript even picked up some words such as "Safe haven" from an Corp. press release that was issued after suspending the domains:

    It should further be noted that at the time of the Corp. report it was still unclear who was behind those fake registrations, and only after LegitScript publicly admitted it, things became evident.

    A dirty trick that was used by LegitScript to make their point was to leave the domains dormant, most of them, if not all, with no nameservers associated with them, making it almost impossible for us to spot any potential risk, as it is well-known that a domain name that is inactive is rarely subject of investigations as it cannot cause any harm.

    — End of statement — Corp. is committed to conducting its business according to the highest standards and by respecting all applicable laws and regulations and expects its customers and partners to do no different.

    Established in 2004, Corp. is one of the top 25 fastest growing ICANN Registrar worldwide with more than 450,000 domains under sponsoring. They serve customers of all sizes from the single domain buyer to the largest domainers. Their website available in 7 different languages and payments in many currencies are accepted. Customers from all over the world are welcome and have access to instant chat support 24/7. The CEO Marco Rinaudo has been in the domain industry since 1995 and during the late '90s he was running one of the first accredited ICANN Registrars in Europe after the end of the gTLD monopoly.


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