Do You Need a Personal Website to Find a Job?

Your resume is polished and proofread. Your LinkedIn profile is recently updated. You?network everywhere you go. Yet you still haven’t landed a job. What else can you do to snag the attention of hiring managers??

The key may be having your own website.?

Out of all the personal branding tools at your disposal, hiring managers are most impressed with a personal website, yet very few job-seekers have one.?

The reason for the disconnect may be because of the relative newness of personal branding websites, but it also may be because most job-seekers have no idea what to fill their sites with.?

What Should Be On My Personal Website??

Use a personal website to highlight results and achievements, your interests, a short bio and a photo. Don’t copy your resume word-for-word; instead, concentrate on its most impressive aspects.?

Show Off Through Content?

Prove your expertise by writing blog posts connected to your field or the one in which you want to work. Even if your resume is weak on the experience side, you can show your knowledge and impress potential employers with well-informed and well-written copy.?

Every word of your content should entice hiring managers to contact you. Include clear call-to-actions and make it easy for them to get in touch.?

Keep it Fresh

Update your personal site every few months to keep your headshot current and your achievements up to date. If you land a job, feel free to keep the site up…but take down the copy encouraging hiring managers to contact you. If your boss stumbles upon it, you may have some explaining to do.?

Make It Look Professional?

Just because it is a personal website does not mean you should plaster it with your favorite sports?teams logos or pictures of last weekend’s party. Keep it professional by paying for a domain name. Nothing screams cheap and desperate more than ?

Use a tool that allows you to upload samples of your work, especially if you are a designer or writer.?

Unless you are searching for work in the technology field, stay away from complicated code and programming. Keep it simple and let your content speak for itself.?

Your headshot should be professional, or at the very least be taken by a talented friend in front of a neutral background.?

Creating a website is often free or costs very little, but it can definitely increase your chances of getting hired, or at least getting an interview. Spend the effort and minimal investment to make your site appealing, informative and sharp. You just may land a job out of it.?