Disasters in US: An extreme and exhausting year

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Nature is pummeling the United States this year with extremes.

There’s been unprecedented triple-digit heat and devastating drought, a billion-dollar blizzard and massive river overflows.

Tornadoes have leveled towns. And the latest ? hurricane-caused flooding in Vermont.

If what’s falling from the sky isn’t enough, the ground shook in Colorado and the East Coast, places that normally seem stable.

And Arizona and New Mexico broke records for wildfires

The federal government counts $35 billion in weather losses and more than 700 deaths. And Hurricane Irene’s toll is still being calculated.

The insurance industry sees near-record global losses. Experts say global warming is worsening our woes, but not directly causing them.

And it’s not over yet. September is the busiest hurricane month of the year.