Digital Content Creator Xavier D?Leau: Shaking Up The Web–And Loving It!

XavierXavier D?Leau is considered one of the Internet’s rising stars. He is blogger, social commentator, and digital content creator. His popular musing about society and the digital realm can be found on TheXDExperience .com. He also has a weekly Internet radio show “The X. D. Experience Radio” and is executive producer of the award-winning Web series Quarter Century, which follows several HBCU graduates who are stuck in limbo between adolescence and growing up in Washington, D. C. And D?Leau is also the host of the top-charting podcast 2 Guys and a Girl. recently interviewed Xavier D?Leau to find out more about how he’s taking the Web by storm. How did you come to exec produce Quarter Century?

Xavier D?Leau: It was more of an organic partnership. A friend of mine is one of the writers of the show, and told me to give it a chance. I instantly fell in love with the story, the cast, and the director Shayla Racquel. She’s built something so magnificent in being an independent business owner herself, as well as a creative Black woman. I came onboard to launch what was already award-winning, to make it historic and bring it to a wider audience. Tell me more about “2?Guys and a Girl”?

Xavier D?Leau: “2 Guys and A Girl” is a podcast, a hilarious podcast hosted by myself, fellow blogger J. Williams from JWilliams .TV and my best friend, Jade, who is a custom cocktail curator and new mommy. We cover pop culture, news, politics, and just talk about the random things that we encounter on a day-to-day basis that we know everyone can relate to. We’re just three New Yorkers in our mid-to-late twenties trying to navigate life with humor. Do you feel the Web has given rise to the new creatives?

Xavier D?Leau: I absolutely do–especially Black creatives. The Internet has allowed Black creatives to create and carve out space to tell our own stories the way we want to without having to say yes or no to anyone. The Internet has definitely given the consumer more choices and options in what we consume, and the amount of which we consume it. With TV & Film, it seems a bit more stringent–with time schedules, and all. With the Web, even something like a time line of release of content can all fit into the creative schematics of the content. It’s a really cool thing. What are some of your goals for this year?

Xavier D?Leau: In the next 12 months, the goal is to release a brand new series my team has been working on for the last few weeks. It’s a soap opera and it’s going to be presented in a way that’s never been done before. I’m also looking to go on more speaking engagements across the country empowering and mentoring creatives to do and be their best. Lastly, I just want to continue to be happy doing what I love and having fun –entertaining you all! Do you see more African Americans getting involved with Web projects?

Xavier D?Leau: Absolutely. I think we’re seeing that inclusion since traditional TV and film aren’t working. We, as African Americans, are amazing, talented and resilient people who can make a way out of no way and by us getting involved in more Web projects, we are controlling our narrative and using the power of the Internet to spread the awesomeness that is us! What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Xavier D?Leau: I get to make people feel good every day. Whether it’s from my tweets, my site, my podcast, show or the music I share. I am a part of making someone’s day better. We’re going through some tough times as a people, and if I can just make someone smile, laugh, or introduce them to a song that makes them dance their pain away, I have totally done my job.