Dictation Software in Action

Earlier this month I was in Ohio at my annual church convention. Each year, we are always using some new technology. This year for example we used barcoded badges and scanned people as they came into the lines for breakfast and dinner.

In addition, we used Dragon Naturally speaking dictation software to service the needs of a couple at our convention who was hearing impaired.

Our church is one of the more loud types, with drums, loud music, clapping, etc. Of course during the sermon things are quieter. But in a meeting hall with 2,000 people, including babies, things are not quiet.
Dragon still worked quite well, despite the loud noise.

Nuance Communications, makers of the software, writes on their web site Dragon NaturallySpeaking installs quickly and requires no special script reading. New on-screen help and tutorials will make you an expert user in no time..

However, we found that in order to properly use the software, it’s best to go through a 20 minute or so training session so the software can best recognize your voice and properly understand what you’re saying.

Nuance suggests the following reasons for using dictation software:
Instead of typing, Search the Web for specific information; Search your desktop for a lost file; Dictate and edit in most Windows-based applications; Dictate while you?re on the go; Automate repetitive tasks; Capture ideas as you read; Schedule a meeting and Have text read aloud by your computer

It goes without saying that dictation software can also help disabled employees, be more productive. Those who cannot use keyboards or find it difficult to do so, can still be productive, using dictation software.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for Smallbiz technogy.