Diallo Shabazz


    Diallo Shabazz 

    Executive Director

    One Hundred Black Men, Inc.

    New York, NY

    Age: 39



    Diallo Shabazz was a student leader at the University of Wisconsin where he led campaigns to diversify the campus, and helped secure millions to fund student of color recruitment. After graduation, Diallo started his career as a regional field director for the NAACP in New York. He is now executive director of One Hundred Black Men Inc., a legacy nonprofit that supports low-income communities through economic development, policy advocacy and social programs. He formerly worked for the N.Y.C. Department of Education to improve career and technical education, at Solar One on green workforce development, and was appointed regional representative to the United Nations Environment Program to promote sustainable development policy in North America, Asia, and Africa.


    “My mentors are too many to name, but I will say ‘thank you’ to those who offered me my first keynote speeches, those who taught me how to work at the international level, those who make room for the next generation of leaders, and those who have sometimes intervened to saved me from myself,” he states.


    Shabazz is devoted to lifelong learning, thanks to his parents, whose commitment to education motivated him to excel. His journey has exposed him to leaders from all walks of life. “Being able to work with high-network individuals and senior political figures from various countries transforms what you think is possible. The experiences informed my strategic approach, and convinced me that there is no individual, company, or government that is out of reach,” he says.


    Shabazz’s personal goals are intertwined with his professional life. He would ultimately like to create “a scalable solution” for the world’s youth employment problem in today’s tech age, he says, adding, “When we unlock the potential for every child to develop the technical competencies that drive 21st-century societies, we will truly be in a position to change the world.”