Dealing With Common Work Fears

fear 92Very few professionals feel 100% confident and relaxed all day, every day.

In fact, most of us feel stressed out at the office more often than we do calm, explains Sylvia Hepler, a career development specialist and author of “Learning Leadership Through Loss.”

“Work-related stress in America has reached syndrome status,” she says. “Our need to perform at extraordinarily high levels ? often doing more with less ? and our desire to achieve perfection are strangling us.”

Hepler says there are a few things in particular that worry almost everyone at some point in their career.

Here are 11 of the most common work fears and how to manage them:

1. Getting fired.

“This worry usually stems from a generalized simmering insecurity and sometimes from the inability to put certain situations into perspective,” she says. “Unless you have real life evidence that you are headed for termination, you may benefit from talking with a mentor or even a therapist to manage such concerns.”?

But first, check in with your boss and ask how you’re doing, where you can improve, and what they expect from you going forward.

It also helps to develop an early morning habit of visualizing yourself with a paycheck in hand, she says.

2. Being disliked by your boss.

Most employees leave their jobs because of a lukewarm or downright bad relationship with the individual who supervises them, Hepler says. “If you assume your boss dislikes you, take time to assess reality before making a hasty move. Human perceptions are not always accurate.”?

3. Not being able to handle your workload.

Because everybody’s plate is “beyond full” today, you may feel totally overwhelmed, she explains. “Reconnect with your professional priorities and make sure that all of your tasks, activities, and projects directly align with them. Build your calendar around what is most important.”