David A. Lipscomb: Taking the HR Approach to Cycling

CIS Training Systems David A. Lipscomb is the founder and head coach at CIS Training Systems Cycling Program. He prides his company on taking an alternative approach to cycling. He incorporates his expertise in HR & leadership Development in ?The System?. As a mentor and coach, he helps his clients not only learn how to ride well but aims to help them surpass their limitations and?accomplish?their goals as individuals personally, physically and professionally.

Here, Lipscomb breaks down how ?the system? works.

TNJ.com: What makes CIS different from other cycling programs?

Lipscomb: One thing that I do which is very different than ANY other cycling program is the development piece of it. My background is in HR and Leadership Development so not only do I teach people how to ride their bikes well, I also break down the barriers that impede their performance just like an HR professional would do.

TNJ.com:? What does it mean to take a ?holistic approach? to cycling?

Lipscomb: The one key piece to the holistic component in our system is realizing it?s more than just a bike. We break down the barriers that impede the individuals whether it?s on the bike or off the bike. A lot of the stresses that we have as New Yorkers and as professionals is how do we manage the time that we have, that?s available to us, to do what we love to do? A lot of the time we can?t figure that out. People need coaches, like life coaches, to help them figure that out. So that?s the holistic approach we take to cycling, not just logical. It?s about the individual.

TNJ.com: What drove you to create CIS Training Systems?

Lipscomb: I started racing in 1993 after a recommendation from a friend who said I should consider racing my bike since I enjoyed riding it so much. I got a pretty good status as far as racing was concerned but then I got into a corporate environment and kind of lost track of the passion of just riding my bike and cycling. So I left that sport and got into corporate America and found that I gained a lot of weight. I went from a semi-pro cyclist to 253 pounds. So in 2006 I got my first client and I shared with him the same principles and practices that I was taught as I was coming up in the ranks. Two years later, we finally met up again and he goes ?What you showed me, you should probably tell other people.? So CIS Training Systems was born out of my consulting practice which is CIS Valued Partners, a consultancy for leadership and development. I wanted to find a way to take my passion for cycling and incorporate leadership and development with that and CIS cycling was born 2008 from that.

TNJ.com:? If you could use one work to describe your training style, what would it be?

Lipscomb: Authentic. The driving force behind why I what I do what I do is because I?ve been through lots and lots of challenges. I aim to help people break down the barriers and let them know they can do it.