David C. Collymore

M.D. Medical Director ? Soundview HealthCare Network ? Bronx, N.Y. ? Age: 31

Whoever said an apple a day keeps the doctor away didn?t know David C. Colly-more, M.D. The doting pediatrician insists that nothing ? good, bad or otherwise ? keeps him away from his growing practice of patients at the Soundview Healthcare Net-work in the Bronx, N.Y. As medical director, Dr. Colly-more oversees the daily administration of medical services provided by the network?s clinical team of more than 30 physicians. He manages the clinical and quality-improvement activities of the five health centers, ensuring the care of more than 25,000 patients ? a huge role and responsibility Collymore first took on almost three years ago.

?It was challenging, but everything I had been doing had prepared me for this time,? he states. He scored high on the Hunter College High School admissions test and was admitted to the school while still in the seventh grade. Later, at Howard University, he was accepted into the school?s accelerated medical program, which offers a combined bachelor of science-medical degree in six years rather than the traditional eight-year track. While in medical school, he was awarded a National Health Service Corps Scholarship and a W.K. Kellogg Community Medicine Fellowship. In May 2000, at 23, he obtained his medical degree.

Collymore likes to quote the Bible verse: ?I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.? He insists, ?Real success is not in obtaining personal accolades, but in serving as the inspiration for the success of others.?

When he?s not seeing patients, Collymore enjoys spending time with his wife, Ingrid, and two daughters, Jessica and Caitlyn. A devout community activist, he sits on the board of the United Community Church of God, the Community Health Care Association of New York State and the Clinical Directors Network.