Daren L. Hawthorne, Esq.


    Daren L. Hawthorne, Esq.

    Executive Vice President of Franchising and Corporate Counsel

    Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill

    White Plains, NY

    Age: 28



    As a youth, Daren Hawthorne worked at Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill as baker, cashier and server. Now, as corporate counsel and executive vice president for franchising, he oversees marketing and public relations, design and construction, franchise operations, and the legal and real estate departments. Hawthorne is especially proud of the company’s humble beginnings in 1989 and its ongoing philanthropic efforts, such as the Mavis & Ephraim Hawthorne Golden Krust Foundation, named after the late parents of the company’s founders, which awards internships and annual scholarships to college-bound youth. “Golden Krust serves as an example that minority companies can be a major player within an industry. We have an opportunity to feed the world with unique and authentic food that emulates the culture of Jamaica, thereby educating our consumers about its people and way of life,” he says.


    A graduate of American University, Hawthorne holds a Juris Doctor from Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He values formal education as much as learning from others, and cherishes those closest to him — his three siblings, parents and fiancé. “Their unwavering support and encouragement give me the fuel I need to continue to strive for higher heights. With them by my side, and through the grace of God, I feel I can achieve anything I set my mind to,” he declares. 


    Hawthorne strives to live up to the exhortation “Be of good courage, be empowered and walk as men,” from his grandfather, Ephraim. He donates to organizations such as Child Fund International, participates in an annual breast cancer walk, and often serves as a panelist and keynote speaker at youth-oriented events. A self-described “Jamerican,” born in the United States to Jamaican parents and raised primarily in a Jamaican culture, he hopes to continue traveling around the world and learning about new cultures.