Damon John Tells How He Spots A Winner

DAMONIt?s been a while since Daymond John lost his shirt on a business deal, even though he started his first company by giving shirts away. Back when the Fubu founder was just getting his fashion line off the ground, John built brand awareness by having rappers wear Fubu clothing in music videos. Now, as a big-fish investor on ABC?s Shark Tank, John uses everything he?s learned from more than two decades of business building to size up other companies as potential investment opportunities. The fashion mogul from Queens explains how he spotted three of his favorite deals.

–As told to Graham Winfrey

On Shark Tank, we don?t invest in companies. We invest in people. And there are two types: those who have digital literacy and those who don?t. And the ones who have it are the people we tend to invest in. If a person doesn?t have that area of literacy, they have to have a superb product.

I spot winners by looking for somebody who went out and tried a business by him- or herself and maybe failed several times, but still has that determination, that love and that passion for the company. It?s very important to me that somebody has failed. When I started Fubu, I kept running out of money because I was bootstrapping it myself. I didn?t have an idea of where I wanted to go with it. So I look for people who are driven to succeed but are open to several paths.

I also look for people who are problem solvers, so they?re not going to call me nine times with a problem. I invest in people when I believe we have the same common goal; that no matter what, if the company doesn?t work out, we?re going to create something bigger and better in another space. It?s a combination of all those things. You just understand that the person is going to do it with or without you.

A lot of times on Shark Tank when I invest in people, I?m probably learning more from them than they?re learning from me. They?re digital natives and I?m a digital immigrant.

I think of myself as an entrepreneur, but I love investing. People allow me to invest in their dreams, and I don?t have to come up with everything myself. They?re doing business in a whole new way and I?m fortunate enough to be partnering with them. None of these three entrepreneurs are going be stopped. So I want to come along for the ride.

Bubba?s Q World Famous Bar-B-Q & Catering

I knew Al ?Bubba? Baker was a winner right away. He came on the show with his daughter, and he?s this big, lovable former football player, and one of the first things he says is that football was his career, but barbecue is his passion. That resonated with me, because I always look for passion. Al came up with this process to debone barbecue ribs so you can eat them like you would a steak. I?d never seen anything like it before. He had a patent on the product and the process, and he has a little barbecue restaurant in Avon, Ohio–a family business–where he serves his ribs. It was kind of like the best-kept secret in Ohio.

The Rib SummitJohn and Al ?Bubba? Baker discuss their online sales challenges at Baker?s Avon, Ohio, restaurant.

Now, keep in mind, I have turned down many, many investments in food and perishables because I just don?t know the business. But I saw that this was a guy who had played in the NFL, so he had some level of discipline, and I also saw that he was a family man. I go all in on my investment: $300,000 for 30 percent. I attach an attorney who knows mergers and acquisitions to oversee the company, and I bring in a guy to run the online business. Then I get a sales force to recommend different co-packers [to process the product in bulk]. Over the course of eight months, Al goes to approximately 20 co-packers, and almost all of them come back with inferior products.

All of a sudden, Al and I have a debacle. We?re not supplying to all the people online, because we can?t make the product fast enough. All the opportunity is just passing us by. Then Al and I get into a lot of clashes. He doesn?t want to listen to me, and I don?t know the business well enough, so I start to doubt why he is or isn?t successful. Finally, I decide to stop focusing on the online orders we can?t fulfill, and I just let Al hit the road to find a co-packer worth our time. He hands over the restaurant business to his family members, and he goes out and finds an amazing co-packer in New Jersey called Rastelli Foods Group. Now we?re about to roll everything out; the company?s investing in the proper machinery, and it has found the perfect cut of pig in Ireland.

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