DaMar Smith



AGE: 39


DaMar Smith, manager of diversity initiatives for media giant News Corporation, thinks of himself as an executive affecting positive change within diverse communities. Indeed, one of his dreams is to create and produce television programming that promotes diversity through empowering and uplifting stories. On the job, he oversees a staff of three and takes a cohesive, team approach to effecting positive change. “I am responsible for creating and managing diversity outreach initiatives for News Corp. companies in an effort to increase diversity within our workforce and the community,” Smith says. “We partner with community-based organizations to expand our presence in underserved areas.”


Smith earned a degree in communications at Indiana University and worked in various facets of media
and entertainment in California, before settling into his current position with News Corp. in 2007. The son of a preacher, Smith says a spiritual center, commitment and a positive attitude are the core elements to his success. “I am nothing without God as he’s brought me this far by faith,” he says. One person also helps him to overcome obstacles — “My mother, as she inspires, motivates, challenges, supports and truly believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself,” he says.


In his efforts to promote a level playing field for all, he often encounters the specter of societal biases. He notes, “My only defense to [combating racism] is to make sure that I do my best and take full responsibility for practicing equality.”


Smith is a talented singer and songwriter, who has performed at the renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and at the equally renowned Staples Center in Los Angeles. He is single and is involved in a number of civic and community organizations, including 100 Black Men of America, Word of Life Ministries and Journey to Excellence, a high-school mentoring program.  



Sports team: L.A. Lakers
Favorite comedian: Redd Foxx
First car: Ford Citation (orange)