Dail St. Claire

Dail St. Claire
Williams Capital Management, New York City

Dail St. Claire says investing is more than a business; it?s a way of life that can reshape the world. ?At the risk of using a clich?, we are in a position to change the world, one person at a time,? says St. Claire, who is the president of Williams Capital Management, a mutual fund company, and an officer of its adviser, Williams Capital Management. ?Arming children with the tools to budget, save and invest, as well as give back to our communities, locally and worldwide, can help.? To that end, she has hosted financial literacy programs for Inwood House teens and Jack and Jill of America-New York City Chapter?s youth and teens.

St. Claire helped to launch Williams Capital Management in 2002. The firm has $2.5 billion in assets under management today, with clients that include Fortune 500 corporations, state and local governments, endowments and foundations. Previously, St. Claire was a senior investment adviser at the New York City Comptroller?s Office, a vice president at Amalgamated Bank, and a principal and portfolio manager at Utendahl Capital Management. She was a regular contributor to NBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg TV during 1997 and 1998, and helped to create and write the ?On the Money? segment of NBC?s Today show.

St. Claire?s 20-year investment career includes five years as an institutional plan sponsor. To this day, she says, her career follows guidelines laid down by her mother, June Bacon-Bercey, the only African-American woman to receive a degree in meteorology in the 1950s and the country?s first female television meteorologist. ?My mother was always about the ?how.? ?Can?t is not a part of our vocabulary,? she stated ever since I can remember ? I took this mandate to preschool,? remarks St. Claire.

?St. Claire enjoys adventure racing and will participate in her next half-marathon in March.