Customer Service Apps for Tablets and Smart Phones

customer services apps, smartphone apps, tablet pc appsTapping into these customer service apps empowers your business to provide service anywhere, anytime

Nearly 80 percent of people seek customer support through their mobile devices and tablets. Tapping into these customer service apps empowers your business to provide great service anywhere, anytime. Here are five of the best based on customer feedback, analyst reviews, popularity and the all-important ?cool? factor.?

This crowdsourcing app lets companies collect important information form their customers in real time. Use it to create a public form to get feedback from your customers, then watch as the best feedback moves to the top through a process of commenting and voting. This process gives you insight into what your customers really care about and want. You can also use IdeaScale to get immediate feedback on specific events through location-based surveys.?
Tello takes concepts from public forums like Twitter, Facebook and Yelp but takes them a step further. The app captures customer sentiments in real time, then allows users to request a response from management. Companies also get real-time insight into ratings, employee performance and responses.
Nicknamed the ?Better Business Bureau for the Twitter age,? this app helps users locate companies easily, then allows them to post a ?Cheer? or ?Gripe? about that company. It even taps into social networks, posting the feedback on the customer’s Twitter or Facebook page, then forwards it to your customer service department.?
One of the most frustrating aspects of support is often the never-ending automated menus. Instead of putting your customers on hold with elevator music, Fonolo provides a visual dialing interface for your call center. Your customers can instantly access a visual version of your phone menu and connect directly to the system. This alleviates frustration for your customers while improving call resolution rates.?
How do you use apps to provide excellent customer service? Share your top tips with our readers in the comments below!