Curing the New Job Jitters

To ease the transition and excel at your new job quickly, follow these tips.

Beginning a new job is stressful. Everything is different, from your environment to your co-workers to your daily schedule. To ease the transition and excel at your new job quickly, follow these tips:?
Have Realistic Expectations
The first few weeks at a new job are filled with new information, and that can be overwhelming. You will learn so much so quickly, from your new duties to your new health care plan. It is normal to feel overwhelmed at the information overload, but keep in mind that that is not a sign of failure. Adjust your expectations and realize that it may take you six months or more to really feel at home in your new position and company. If you still feel like you are in over your head after a few weeks, give yourself a break. That feeling will likely wane with time, but you have to be patient with yourself and the process!
Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Make a solid effort during your first few weeks at your new job to get to know your fellow employees. They are the ones who can clue you into what is most important to your manager, the best lunch spots and the go-to guy in accounting who can help you when you have issues. Knowing them will be an advantage, so be friendly to everyone!

While getting to know your office mates, avoid getting drawn into cliques. You are the new person and don’t have enough info to take sides in inevitable office politics, and you may align yourself with the whiners or slackers unknowingly. Stay neutral and stay friendly with all your new co-workers.

Ask for Help

No one expects the new person to know everything right away, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Help your manager train you by asking questions when you don’t understand something.
Observe the Company Culture
You can absorb a lot of info about your new office by observing how your co-workers act. Do they gobble down lunch at their desks or take a leisurely hour outside the office? Are they always on time for meetings or is scheduling flexible? Do they crack jokes and socialize during the work day or are they always focused on their work? Take cues from the people you work with to fit in with the company culture. It will make you feel more at home in your new office!