Crystal Worthem

Age: 34, Lincoln and Mercury Communications Manager
Ford Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.

Born in 1976, a leap year, Crystal Worthem?s career at Ford Motor Co. has moved forward by leaps and bounds since she joined the company in 1999. She is currently Ford?s communications manager and oversees all aspects of advertising, marketing strategies and consumer branding for the Lincoln and Mercury divisions. She summarizes her approach to life with words from the biblical book of Luke: ?To whom much is given, much is required.?? She adds: ?I was raised to be a strong believer in Jesus Christ and he has been a source of my strength, from running for class office in middle school to managing hundreds of millions of dollars.?

Worthem credits her parents with guiding her toward success and prosperity at a young age. ?There were no other options than going to college, being a person of high moral standards and being successful,? she says.

Imbued with her parents? wisdom and encouragement, Worthem earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida A&M University, a historically Black institution, and worked as an unpaid intern for a cable company before joining corporate America. ?I learned the value of great experience and being a strong team player,? she says of her early corporate days. ?As I ascended up the ranks, I never lost the work ethic of being on the front lines.?

While she is determined to remain a leader and consumer advocate in the corporate arena, she also hints of entrepreneurial aspirations. ?I would love to continue in marketing with an entrepreneurial or corporate experience. I am passionate about consumer marketing and have developed a great portfolio of work,? she says.

Fun Facts
Favorite book: Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley
What actor should play you in a movie: Sanaa Lathan
Favorite singer: Donny Hathaway
Countries visited: Jamaica, St. Thomas
Favorite food: Lasagna
SUV or Hybrid: Hybrid