Cricket Wireless Teams Up with Financial Guru Lynnette Khalfani-Cox for Tax Season

CoxTax season is here again and Cricket Wireless is working with customers to help them spend their tax returns wisely. Last week, the company held an in-store promotional event and none other than Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, AKA, The Money Coach, was on hand to share her refund-maximizing advice and wise tips on money management.

?The goal of the event was to promote smart spending and being wise with your money, which is the reason why Cricket Wireless and I have partnered, especially during this tax refund season. A variety of people ranging from students to retirees came in looking to learn not just about how they could get a free or discounted phone or a free month of service, which was the promotion that Cricket Wireless was offering, but they also wanted to know about financial issues. I talked to students about paying for college and others about saving and budgeting, and credit and debit issues. I was there to be a sounding board for those who wanted to get my advice,? Cox told

In addition to Cox?s free financial pointers, Cricket offered customers a free LTE smartphone; discounted 4G smartphones after a mail-in rebate Cricket Visa? Promotion Card; and a free month of service for customers making the switch to Cricket.

?Cricket is a community brand that is always looking for ways to give our customers more for less,? says Jermaine Spight, Cricket Wireless. ?Whether it?s providing affordable wireless service or connecting them with personal financial experts to provide tips and resources to help maximize their tax refund, we aim to give them something to smile about.?

Attendees also received autographed copies of some of Cox?s best-selling books including Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom 2nd edition; and Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating.?

Cox says her biggest piece of advice for the day was about using tax refunds to pay down debt.

?I advised customers to use their refunds to pay down debt, rather than squandering it and regretting it later. Americans, nationwide, have way too much debt, whether it?s student loans, credit cards or mortgages they can’t afford. When I emphasize paying off debt, it?s about doing something really smart with a sizable windfall. The average tax refund check is well above $3,000; that?s a big chunk of change,? she says.

She continues, ?Nobody is ever going to look up and say, ?Too bad I paid off that debt.? But they WILL say, ?Too bad I wasted that $3,000 refund check.??