Creating “Stand Out” Cover Letters

cover letterGet Your Cover Letter Noticed

Recruiters and companies may receive hundreds, if not thousands, of responses for every job opening posted. That sheer volume means that they can give, at best, a few moments to gauge a candidate’s qualifications, proficiency and experience. When you are?bidding for a position, your cover letter needs to get noticed, and following these tips for making it stand out from the competition will get you one step closer to landing the job.?

Get Creative with Your Delivery?

A cover letter no longer needs to be a technical ?letter,? especially if you work in a creative or high-tech industry. Instead of typing out your qualifications on paper, grab attention by choosing a more forward-thinking delivery, like a YouTube video or an interactive video application. This is an especially powerful tactic if you want to work in an industry that values proficiency with online resources, video production or editing.?

Grab Attention with a Creative Design

The traditional white paper and black Times New Roman print of a conventional cover letter will quickly get lost in the crowd. Make your cover letter stand out by putting your design skills to the test, whether on paper or online.?

Use a Creative Tag Line

Catch attention right off the bat by topping your letter with a creative tag line. Think of a line that conveys your potential value to the company, and try to word your tag line so that it syncs with the business’s own slogan.?

Include a Testimonial

Including a brief testimonial in your cover letter gives it a special, memorable touch. Grab a few lines from your latest letter of recommendation or online review, or tap into past performance reviews or any other type of acclamations you have received. These short lines will send a powerful message to the person reading your letter and will go a long way toward convincing them that their company needs you.?

Be Conversational

After reading dozens of letters that start with ?I am writing to declare my interest in the position…,? hiring managers will be delighted to read one with a more conversational, friendly tone. If you are excited to apply for the job, say so in your first line! Write the same way you speak to convey a professional yet conversational tone.?

Do Your Homework

There is nothing worse than a blanket cover letter that is obviously sent out to every company that has recently posted a job opening. Each letter you write should be catered to a specific company and position, so do your homework. Your letter should make a convincing case that you will be an asset to the company, so make it specific.?