Create Truth Boards to Refocus

Rod BrownMany people like to write down their goals for the year ahead. That was exactly what businessman and entrepreneur Rod Brown wanted to do when he created what he calls a “truth board.” And it’s helping him in his business, OnceLogix, a minority-owned and operated software company that specializes in web-based solutions for the behavioral health care industry.??

Sometimes in business, we can lose sight of what is really important in life. We focus on the financial results and on obtaining more material wealth. But a truth board, says Brown, lets you focus on your personal principles. ??

“When you identify your personal truths and build your truth board, I believe that you will have programmed into your heart and mind the foundation of the key elements that make you who you are or who you want to be. ?I believe that the ‘things’ that are usually found on a vision board are by-products of living,? says Brown, who is COO of OnceLogix.??

But Brown says truth boards are different than the popular vision boards. “Goal-setting is very important to me. ?The beginning of the year is a great time to reset, add to, or alter my current goals. ?Affirmations remind me of my intentions. Vision boards were used to remind us of the things we want. Most of the items on my vision board were material, in nature, and there were some that I obtained. But most of them, I did not obtain,” he explains. “I was listening to an audio book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called ‘Excuses Be Gone.’ ?A key focus of the audio book is staring down and dealing with the negative thought processes and beliefs that we have picked up over the years. ?Dr. Dyer would ask those that were labeled with negativity, that later drove negative action, is what they say or said about you true? ?He later helps listeners become aware of what is true about them. Going through that process forced me to identify and focus solely on my truths. ?At that moment, I decided to do a truth board instead of a vision board.”??

There are concrete differences between a vision and truth board. ?”A truth board’s content is very different from a vision board. ?The truth board focuses solely on who you are at the core. Your core truths help you with the rest of life because you will not want to say or do anything that conflicts with your truths. ?Nor will you tolerate persons, places, or things that contradict your personal truths,” he says.??

Anyone can create a truth board. ? “I did my truth board using a collage application. ?It?s an electronic version. However, feel free to use a sheet of poster board,” explains Brown. “Identify what your truths are. ?Use images that give a visual portrayal of your personal truths. ?Do not cut out or download pictures of things. ?Keep your truth board simple and succinct. ?Also, include an ‘I Am’ statement for each image that you select to represent each truth. Again, try not to include things on your truth board. ?Remember, you are more than things. ?Things do not make you who you are. ?The things will come as a result of your life’s truths being activated. Most importantly, have fun.”??

According to Brown, his truth board has kept him focused. “I look at my truth board each day and read aloud my ‘I Am’ statements. It?s a constant reminder of the things that are important to me and to what I really am. It also helps defend against negative thoughts, words, and people,” he shares.