Craig’s List Scary Apartment Listing World

craigWelcome to another edition of It Came From Craigslist, where we scour Philly’s rental listings to get a taste of current housing offerings, and then pop out a subset whose listing photos or descriptions really go above and beyond. Everybody knows that sex sells. But on Craigslist, the outright frightening apparently does, too.

For $1,350, you can rent this “LARGE 3 Bedroom House w Full Basement.” Also maybe get murdered? Showing at 4:30 PM.

“You’re gonna have to arm-wrestle me to get to the cutting board, you know.” For $1,795 you can “get your place in the sky” in this studio apartment on north 12th street.

“Look, Ma! I cleaned the toilet!” Listing photos of open toilet seats are never as appealing as you think they’d be. This one bedroom with shared kitchen near Temple will set you back a cool $550.

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