Corporate Attorney Trades Law for Media

Media Take OutFrederick Mwangaguhunga was once a corporate tax attorney. With a passion for entertainment, he quickly transitioned into a young, aspiring entrepreneur. In 2006, he founded, an urban celebrity gossip page for young African Americans. ?Unsure of where his career would take him, he decided to post stories about sports and news to see what caught the eyes of viewers. After months of posting, he discovered that the majority of his viewers preferred urban celebrity gossip.?

Starting out, Mwangaguhunga kepts his viewers entertained and up-to-date with daily celebrity activity. In doing so, he re-blogged and added a twist to any story that was already in the media. As the site continued to progress and more viewers tuned in, he decided to get his own reporters to report on gossip of their own. We caught up with Mwangaguhunga to get the inside scoop on MTO!

TNJ: What is the main focus of the site??
FM: The site focuses on celebrity gossip and urban celebrity news. ?

TNJ: What are your future goals for the site?
FM: My goal for the site is to continue its growth 100 percent. The site has been in leadership growth since 2011 and I wish to keep it going. However, there?s a lot of work that has to be done, especially exploring partnerships to do videos and DVD?s and also, networking.?

Why did you make the transition from being an attorney to launching a website??
F.M.. My decision to become an entrepreneur seemed right at the time because I was not happy working as a corporate tax attorney. I wanted to take the risk of becoming an entrepreneur and I wanted to be happy. I started a laundry service and used the money I earned from that to start ?

TNJ. How do you ensure that the content that is posted to your site is accurate?
?F.M. I spend a lot of time fact checking any information that is given to me before I post anything on the site and I know that, more than any other urban celebrity gossip site, stories posted on our site are credible.

TNJ: What might you say to people who believe that Media Take Out occasionally gets it wrong? ?
FM: I am not sure how to answer this question. Many people may favor a celebrity more than they do another so they may automatically believe at first impulse that whatever is posted is not true. It is up to them to believe what they want to believe and what they do not. However, whatever is posted on our site is a 100 percent truthful.