Coqu? Content Marketing–Writing Winning Content So You Don’t Have To

MarketingCoqu? Content Marketing offers a unique service. Coqu? Content Marketing is a full-service content marketing agency for companies that want high quality content marketing. They work with companies to create fresh content. In other words, if you need marketing content, they will provide it.

?Coqu? Content Marketing was launched on March 10, 2010. I started doing freelance writing in September 2009, following over 20 years in the corporate world in a variety of marketing and trade show management roles,? explains CEO Sarah Ratliff. ?We are a content marketing agency with a focus on the following niches: Gender/race/LGBTQIA advocacy; addiction; mental health; health and medical; education and academic.?

Staff members include 10 writers, one full-time editor, two full time social media managers, one graphic designer, and one coder. Most of the work Coqu? Content does is ghostwriting.

?I am not here to reinvent the wheel with my content marketing agency. There are hundreds of content marketing agencies out there. What I do differently is that: ?I don?t compete on price (there are many whose prices are rock bottom, no need to join them) and I don?t compete on quantity. If I keep my prices competitive (not so high as to price myself out but not so low we?re working twice as high to eek out a living), I can keep our client-base low and I can be choosy about which clients I partner with,? explains Ratliff.

Ratliff also launched a publishing company in November called Coqu? Press. ?I will focus on the same niches as I do with the content marketing agency. In January I will launch a third company that will be a joint venture with a client of ours. It?s very hush hush for the moment, but it will serve the multiracial community,? explains Ratliff, who co-authored ?Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide,? an anthology of essays written by people all over the world about what it?s like to be biracial/multiracial.

Like many entrepreneurs, Ratliff was able to build her business through the Internet. ??The cool thing about the Internet is that anyone can get into it. Regardless of age?I started freelance writing at 42 and my business at 43, income level?when I started freelancing we had $40 in our checking account and today I have 13 people working for me and we?ve grossed well over $1,000,000, education?I graduated from high school and have just a bit of college, challenges?as mentioned previously, I have dyslexia and geographic challenges?I live in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, anyone can do it,? she says. ?The only thing holding people back is their lack of belief in themselves.?The thing is to have something that either nobody is currently offering or be ready to do what others do – only better.?