‘Compositions and Concepts’ Is a Unique Book Representing 40+ Years of Carei F. Thomas’ Composing/Living

    'Compositions and Concepts' Is a Unique Book Representing 40+ Years of Carei F. Thomas' Composing/Living

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    MINNEAPOLIS, June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — "Compositions and Concepts" is a 392-page book including over 170 original songs, explanations of the composer's methodologies, some of his philosophy, synth-choral works, graphic compositions, and studies.

    Composer/Author Carei Thomas says, "There have been many stages in my development, with my compositions going back and forth conceptually from simple songs, to investigations of complex methodologies, to experimentation with mathematical and visual paradigms. This pendulum motion supports my idea of carrying history forward while uniting that which was with the ever-present possibilities of 'now time.' The purpose of this design is to push new musical ideas forward while keeping history alive. I hope some of what I have presented in this book will spark other theorists to look at their own historically unique concepts and help them see how their contributions enrich their colleagues and communities."

    Mr. Thomas' work in the Twin Cities has been recognized through awards and commissions. He has worked with kindergarten through college students in residencies, has founded and co-founded musical ensembles playing diverse works, and has produced several community interdisciplinary events. Below are quotes from professionals who know him well:

    Dr. Carleton Macy, former Music Chair at Macalester College, said: "Thomas' compositions are unusual and multi-faceted; they encompass an historic range of musical styles, expressing social and personal experiences and observations. Carei brings with him an infectious sense of community and unity of purpose which is likewise communicated in his music."

    John Minczeski, Author and award-winning Poet, said: "Among the many facets to Carei Thomas are philosopher, visionary, artist, improviser of spoken word, theoretician, pianist, singer. He's an alchemist of synesthesia and synchronicity in which a simple fragrance can transform into colors, emotions, images. The amazing thing about Carei is his ability to translate these things into music. They are remarkable and expansive compositions, which he has taught to the many musicians who have played with him over the past half-century. Now, with this book of his collected works, this important music is finally accessible to everyone."

    Earlier this year, the Zeitgeist Ensemble shined its musical spotlight on composer Carei Thomas' work, playing music from his new book at one of their concerts. (Zeitgeist has been presenting works of substance and integrity for more than 30 years.) ?They said, "Thomas' improvisational ability and command of his craft are exceptional and his influences are positively dizzying. His compositions exhibit a keen command of the western classical tradition and American jazz. He will bounce with ease from Coltrane to Satie, Prokofiev to Parker, utilizing all of music history to create his own unique creations."

    "Composition and Concepts" can be purchased at Carei's website: http://www.musicbycarei.com or from http://www.amazon.com. ?For more information and/or questions, please contact Carei F. Thomas at (612) 823-5857.

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