Cloud Computing and Small Businesses: Exploring the Benefits

Cloud computing for small businessesCloud computing can reduce the cost of doing business

Contrary to what some business owners think, you don’t have to look for help overseas to save money. For all you know, you can realistically cut costs without outsourcing by taking your business to the clouds!
Cloud Computing: The New Cost-Effective Way to Do Business.
The outsourcing trend is definitely waning. According to a recent study conducted by the Everest group, a lot of companies in the US are bringing their operations back home, resulting in a 20% reduction in outsourcing contracts.
However, if you think that you still cannot afford to cope up with the costs of doing business without outsourcing your work overseas, you need to explore other options to cut costs. For one, you may want to consider what cloud computing can do for your business.
Cloud Computing: Why Should You Consider It?
There are a number of reasons why cloud computing can be good for your business. By using this technology, you can:?
  • Cut costs. While traditional desktop software can be quite expensive, cloud computing offers much cheaper rates. In addition, you can have a wide variety of options (one-time payment, pay-as-you-go subscriptions, etc.) so you can choose whatever works best for your company.
  • Improve efficiency. Once you migrate to the clouds, you don’t have to worry about updating your software or meeting your website’s power and storage requirements. All of these issues would automatically be taken care of by your cloud service provider.
  • Access your files wherever you are. Having the ability to access your files and work anywhere you want (provided there is an Internet connection) can definitely work to your advantage. In fact, studies show that about 42% of all working adults are willing to trade 6% of their salary if they would be given the chance to telecommute.
  • Allow increased collaboration. Cloud computing allows employees to share documents and work on them simultaneously no matter where they are. By keeping all your files in one central location and giving access to those who need to work on it, you would have better document control and would no longer need to send files back and forth through email.
  • Reduce your risks. You may not believe it but your files are actually safer in the clouds. Cloud-based services provides a high level of security so hackers would find it extremely difficult to hack into your account. In addition, you wouldn’t need any disaster recovery plans if you are using cloud-based services. Your providers will take care of it for you.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. With cloud computing, you will only use the server space that you need. For small- and medium-sized businesses, this may translate to 90% less energy consumption and carbon emissions.?

With all these benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider taking your business to the clouds!