Closing the Deal: How to Secure the Deal in 4 Easy Steps

closing the deal, close the deal, secure the deal, business relationshipClosing the deal has never been easier if you follow these simple steps

Are you about to respond to a high-stakes request for proposal (RFP)? If you want to improve your chances of successfully closing the deal, here are the steps you need to take.

Establish your baseline credibility. A lot of businesses just respond to the prospective client’s request without even introducing themselves and establishing their? credibility. They seem to be in such a hurry to secure the deal that they overlook the fact that they need to let the clients know why they should even be considered for the job in the first place.?

Needless to say, this is definitely not the right way to start a solid business relationship. Let the clients know who you are and why you are qualified to give them the professional help they need. Just don’t go overboard by putting words in their mouths since doing so can be a definite deal breaker.

Get to know what the client needs. As soon as you make your pitch, you should change gears and assume the role of an advisor. Start asking the right questions and listen to what your prospects have to say to find out what they really need. Take the time to really understand the client. You need this to do your job well.

Make a recommendation. After carefully analyzing your prospect’s needs, you should be able to come up with a solid recommendation. Be confident enough to articulate your proposal. After all, you are the expert and these people want to hear what you have to say. Feel free to come up with two or three alternative plans of action as well so your prospects can choose one that will best suit their needs.

Be flexible enough to meet their needs. So many companies fail to secure the deal because they failed to yield to their prospects’ needs.

Now that you have gone this far into the discussion, you should turn the tables and let your prospects decide how to move forward. Keep in mind that you are close to sealing the deal so you need to be flexible enough to meet their needs. So, if your prospects need to see some changes regarding the approach that you should take or want you to incorporate certain requests, feel free to discuss these things with them. If they want to negotiate about the price, hear them out and try to work something out.