Clinton W. Daley

President and CEO BizJump Corp. New York City. Age: 39

Clinton W. Daley, with a master?s degree in marketing from the University of the West Indies? Zicklin School of Business and extensive experience as a business professor at Monroe College and Brooklyn College, co-founded BizJump Corp., a consulting firm catering to the underserved niche of small and startup businesses. Since 1998, BizJump, with Daley as president and CEO, has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to secure financing to expand their businesses.

For more than 15 years, Daley has worked with and headed various state and federal sponsored economic and small-business development agencies to help more than 600 entrepreneurs launch businesses and to win government and corporate contracts worth millions of dollars. He has taught mathematics pro bono at The Learning Tree, a minority-focused high school; his business commentaries have been featured in The Daily News and Crain?s New York; and he will publish a book, Entrepreneurial Ventures: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Business Creation and Growth, in August. Do something that you love and it won?t seem like work, Daley contends.

?I truly enjoy what I do. In fact, although I would not want my bosses and clients knowing this, I would do my job for free.?

He will now focus on a few specific businesses and try to maximize their growth. ?I truly believe that we need to scale our businesses, growing to large Fortune 500 ventures. I am looking forward to bringing a few of my clients? businesses public by the time I am fifty.?

Quote: “I don’t worry about the storm around me, I just focus on my sails.” – Ted Turner

Fun Facts
Xbox or PlayStation: Too old for both
Facebook or LinkedIn: Facebook
Favorite sports team: New York Giants
What group would you go on tour with: Temptations
First car: Nissan Maxima
First job: Baker
Number of countries visited: Six
Favorite charity: The Red Cross