Clint Eastwood does not rule out a return to Westerns

    70th Cannes Film Festival - Screening of the restored copy of the film Unforgiven (Impitoyable)

    By Robin Pomeroy

    CANNES, France (Reuters) – Clint Eastwood does not rule out making another Western, he said on Saturday as he presented a 25th anniversary restored copy of “Unforgiven” at the Cannes Film Festival.

    “When I read the (“Unforgiven”) script 25 years ago, I always thought that this would be a good last Western for me to do,” said the 86-year-old actor-director.

    “And it was the last Western, because I have never read one that worked as well as this one since that.

    “But who knows, maybe something will come up in the future,” said Eastwood, who made his name in the TV series “Rawhide” and the so-called spaghetti Westerns of the 1960s, now considered classics.

    “Unforgiven” won four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director for Eastwood who also starred.

    (Reporting by Christian Levaux; Writing by Robin Pomeroy; Editing by Helen Popper)