Clean coal group spent $940,000 on 1Q lobbying

    WASHINGTON (AP) ? The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, which represents industries involved in coal-generated electricity, spent $940,000 in the first quarter to lobby the federal government on legislation related to the environment, according to a recent disclosure report.

    The total is up 68 percent from the $560,000 that the organization spent on lobbying in the year-ago quarter but is down 3.4 percent from the $973,133 spent in the fourth quarter.

    From January through March, the organization lobbied on a number of proposals related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation and enforcement of greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air and Water Act.

    The group lobbied the Senate, the House of Representatives and the EPA, according to the report filed April 19 with the House clerk’s office.

    The coalition, which is based in Alexandria, Va., supports a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions but wants to ensure cost protections for electricity consumers and the promotion of clean coal technology.